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Bushypark Addiction Treatment Service

Supporting people impacted by addiction to attain recovery

For over thirty years, Bushypark Addiction Treatment Service has provided supports for individuals and family members dealing with alcohol, drugs (both illicit and prescribed), gambling, and other forms of behavioural addictions. Bushypark offers a diverse range of professional services that are delivered both in the community and in residential-based settings. 



Assessment and Consultation

Bushypark Addiction Treatment Service provides assessment and consultation services wherein a client, accompanied by a concerned person or family member, will meet with a professional counsellor to assess the level and impact of their substance mis-use or...

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A main element of our work is our 28-day residential programme. This comprehensive programme constitutes elements of group therapy, one-to-one counselling, educational lectures, mindfulness, meditation, fellowship meetings, art therapy, activity and yoga sessions....

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Family Programme

We acknowledge that addiction affects not just the individual but as many as eight other persons directly. It is a difficult time for people who are impacted by a loved one’s addiction and related behaviours so we strongly encourage people to seek support in a...

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Community Based Cocaine Initiative Project

The Cocaine Initiative Project is a new pilot initiative, run by the Bushypark Addiction Treatment Service. With the escalating and unprecedented usage of cocaine in Ireland, Bushypark successfully secured funding for this initiative via an application through the...

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The majority of our referrals are from clients or concerned persons as we make the referral process as simple as possible – phone call or website enquiries to the service are encouraged to seek further information.

  • Self-referrals – clients or concerned persons
  • Referrals from medical professionals (doctor/GP)
  • Agencies working with clients impacted by addiction
  • Employers – Empolyee Assistance Programmes


While our Addiction Treatment Supports are located in Bushypark, as highlighted on the map below, specific services can be accessed at a range of locations across the Mid-West Region. If you wish to avail of our services, kindly select the location highlighted on the map below. This will provide you with details and directions to Bushypark Addiction Treatment Service.


“It is the best thing I ever did. To be able to speak honestly and to have a clear mind is something that I don’t even remember. Gambling had almost taken my life so it is unbelievable to be out of debt and to have a clear mind.”



“It is the first time in years that I have been able to open up about what is really going on in my head. The sessions on a Wednesday with my family were invaluable as they now know what is going on for me and how they can support me in a positive way after treatment.”



“Bushypark gave me a place to feel heard and supportive as addiction is a very difficult situation to deal with at home. The associated behaviours are so damaging to the family so it was good to understand the difference between the addicted person and the behaviour of the person. The follow-up from the four Wednesdays to the family support group in Ennis each week is invaluable as I believe we need an ongoing programme same as my son is getting in aftercare.”

Anonymous – Family member