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Thrift Shops

Support the circular economy by choosing to shop with us

Clarecare operates two thrift shops – one in Ennis and one in Killaloe. These Thrift Shops are a really important part of the service Clarecare provides.

  • We offer individuals a chance to contribute to recycling by donating clothing, footwear, accessories, furniture and a variety of small household items. This act of recycling serves to curtail waste and environmental impact while also creating employment opportunities.
  • Our Thrift Shops afford numerous people the means to purchase clothing and furniture at budget- friendly rates.
  • The proceeds generated from our Thrift shops are directly reinvested into advancing the delivery of Clarecare’s services across County Clare.

Did you know that 10,000 litres of water could provide enough for one person to drink for 10 years?

And that it takes 10,000 litres of water to grow one kilo of cotton needed to produce just one pair of jeans?

Even an ordinary cotton T-shirt needs 2,700 litres of water.

So it makes sense to donate your no-longer-wanted clothes to our thrift shops and buy second-hand from them too.

Items we welcome for donation:

Good quality, clean unwanted and used clothes and shoes

Bags and accessories

Jewellery and valuables


Music (CDs, vinyl, DVDs, videos, instruments, and sheet music)

Homewares: china, kitchenware, ornaments, pictures

Soft furnishings: small rugs, linen, curtains

Wedding dresses and accessories

Donated items we are unable to accept:


Electrical goods

Car seats


Our Thrift Shops are in operation at two distinct locations within County Clare. Should you have an interest in either donating items or acquiring low-cost fashion, household, or furniture items, please choose your preferred location from the map below. This will provide you with details and directions to reach your nearby Thrift Shop.


ClareCare is a great local resource, firstly it’s a brilliant place to wander around and pick up a surprise bargain. It’s also a great place to meet people.
I have a couple of good quality designer coats that I still wear and it’s a bonus to know that when I spend my money there it is going back into the community through ClareCare.


The thrift shop in ClareCare is a wonderful shop. Firstly you never know what treasure you will find when you go in; high end fashion, bags and shoes, children’s toys and clothes and general household items. ClareCare provides a very useful service in helping to repurpose and rehome items that are surplus to others requirements.


Clarecare was always a one stop shop when my children were young. I was always able to pick up little bits to supplement their wardrobes without breaking the bank, I also bought toys and games that we couldn’t find elsewhere.