Assessment and Consultation
Bushypark Addiction Treatment Service provides assessment and consultation services wherein a client, accompanied by a concerned person or family member, will meet with a professional counsellor to assess the level and impact of their substance mis-use or behavioural addiction-related issues. For many clients and concerned persons, this is a first step in terms of acknowledging issues and in assessing the most appropriate type of treatment/next steps that need to be taken to support the client in dealing with their issues. Through this assessment process, the client and family member are informed and gain a deeper understanding of their addiction, becoming aware of the choices at their disposal regarding detoxification, treatment opportunities, family support, and other relevant matters. Referrals are made to our community or residential programmes or to an external service, whichever is most suitable for the client. Assessments are carried out by appointments at a time most appropriate to the client and concerned person attending – call us on 065-6840944 to set up the appointment.