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Social Work Service for Older Persons

Supporting older persons in County Clare

Clarecare set up a dedicated community-based social work service for persons age 65 and over in 1999, covering all primary care teams in County Clare. There are two social workers within this service – a full-time social worker based in Ennis and a part-time social worker in Killaloe. The Clarecare social workers act as advocates for older persons allowing them to explore the options available to them and to make decisions which will improve the quality of their lives. The social workers also advocate on behalf of older persons with other services.


The supports we offer are specifically designed to meet each person’s individual needs, and will often include many of the following aspects of care:

Advocacy & Guidance

Applying for/accessing day care, respite care, home care support, meals on wheels
Making pension applications and other Department of Social Protection allowances
Applying for medical cards, personal alarms, Government grants and other services

Support & Counselling

Discussion/planning around future care
Discussion on family and other issues


Referrals are accepted from:

  • The older persons themselves, i.e. self-referral
  • Family, relatives, neighbours and/or person(s) known to the older person
  • HSE Primary Care Teams
  • Clarecare internal referral to Social Work Service for Older Persons
  • Non-HSE health and social care agencies and professionals.


Clarecare Offices

Our team dedicated to providing support for older persons throughout Co. Clare operates from two locations – Ennis and Killaloe. If you are interested in availing of this service, please choose the location nearest to you. This will provide you with details and directions to our offices.


“Team members are always responsive and caring. They are truly wonderful. They speak to me directly and provide me with advice and actually acted on my behalf to resolve a few problems that I was having.”

“I was so happy with the help and advice I got when I came home from 2 weeks in hospital. I worried about how I would manage but the Social Worker helped to put things in place and gave me great advice.”

“They really listen and understand my difficulties. They check in with me often to see how I’m doing.”