A main element of our work is our 28-day residential programme. This comprehensive programme constitutes elements of group therapy, one-to-one counselling, educational lectures, mindfulness, meditation, fellowship meetings, art therapy, activity and yoga sessions. Each client works on an individual treatment plan, devised in conjunction with their case manager thereby responding to their individual needs. Maintaining a client-to-counsellor ratio of 3:1 underscores the paramount importance we place on ensuring excellent care for our clients throughout the programme. A key element of the programme is the weekly engagement of family members or concerned persons with a view to building up support systems for the client post-treatment. The programme works on a bio-psycho-social model thereby supporting clients to re-build their mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing in a safe and secure therapeutic environment. Weekly mentoring services are provided to assist clients (where required) to explore options for training, education, employment or hobbies to build up their own capacity to attain and retain recovery. A key element of the residential programme is the follow-up two year aftercare programme that is provided each week in various locations around the country in addition to providing online aftercare supports. All clients are encouraged to attend this peer service to guide and support them through the early stages of their recovery. If you wish to avail of our service or want to know more about our programme please contact us on 065-6840944.