Community Based Cocaine Initiative Project
The Cocaine Initiative Project is a new pilot initiative, run by the Bushypark Addiction Treatment Service. With the escalating and unprecedented usage of cocaine in Ireland, Bushypark successfully secured funding for this initiative via an application through the Mid-West Regional Drug and Alcohol Forum and HSE in February 2022. This project operates at the community level and strives to extend support to individuals and families across the Mid-West Region. It embraces a Health-related Harm Reduction approach concerning cocaine use and the impact of same on the client, concerned persons and across the Mid-West Region.

Individuals have the autonomy to refer themselves to the project in order to access complimentary Therapeutic Counselling Sessions. Alternatively, referrals to the Project can be made through various other sources, including general practitioners and affiliated services. Furthermore, family members or concerned individuals can also avail themselves of support services through this project. The Project’s facilitator assumes a role that encompasses advocacy and information dissemination, providing guidance on matters such as financial assistance, education, employment, housing, and additional healthcare needs.

If you would like any further information or require supports, please get in touch with one of the team members in the Cocaine Initiative Project. Tel: 065-6840944.